Chattanooga man touts triumph of Oscar-winning brother

Smokey Cloud and Ford vs. Ferrari team win Oscar for Best Sound Editing - Smokey Cloud.png
Smokey Cloud (pictured here in a white suit) says that he was apart of a 4 to 5 person team that won the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing for the film 'Ford vs. Ferrari'. (Image courtesy Cloud family)

It's an award that some people try for their whole lives, but Sunday night, one Chattanooga man got to watch his brother win an Academy Award.

He says he couldn't be prouder.

Mickey and Smokey Cloud say they grew up being rather competitive.

"Most of our childhood was spent playing sports against each other and then he took a really big interest in movies," says Mickey.

Smokey jokingly says it was for the best.

"Having a creative outlet that didn't require to dunk all over Mickey was best for both of us," says Smokey.

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While Smokey lives in Los Angeles and Mickey here in Chattanooga, they say they're still close.

"He's definitely the person that I like text with the most in my life," says Mickey.

15 years in the industry, Smokey Cloud is a sound editor for major films like 'Planet of the Apes' and the film that landed his name on the list of Oscar winners - Ford vs. Ferrari. The film won the awards for Best Sound Editing and Best Film Editing at the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony.

Smokey says that night his team won, he had no idea what to expect, but felt like it was a relief to hear their film called. It was nothing but pure joy.

"It was a lot of laughter, a lot of tears a lot of happiness," says Smokey, "I just kept saying 'That's really cool' over and over."

His hard work finally paying off.

“He said he was going to go do it when he was 15, and he’s done it,” said Mickey.

Now he’s hoping this isn’t the last.

"Well it took me about 15 years to win one Oscar, so I figure I got at least two or three in me,” says Smokey.

Taking home the gold, and making Mickey one proud brother.

“For the rest of his life, I’m going to introduce him as, 'This is my Academy Award-winning brother.'"

Smokey says that he was apart of a 4 to 5 person team that won the Oscar.

The other nominees for Best Sound Editing were 'Joker,' '1917,' 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,' and 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.'