Black Excellence of Chattanooga: Dance choreographer is leaving his footprint on the city

Black Excellence Awards Dance Choreographer.JPG
Black Excellence of Chattanooga: Dance choreographer is leaving his footprint on the city (Image: WTVC)

In a world with so many cultures, some would say few things represent them better than dance.

That's exactly what organizers were thinking when they hosted the first ever Black Excellence Of Chattanooga award show Sunday evening, with a crowd of nearly 800 people.

"We're doing some great things here," BEC host Shara Morse said.

And a man who encompasses the word excellence is Devante Williams.

He's a dance choreographer, who helped make all this happen.

He runs D. Williams Dance Academy.

You might remember Williams from this viral video, showing him proposing to his girlfriend, Kayla Hammonds, with an all-out dance performance.

This all happened over at Hamilton Place Mall about a month ago.

"I wanted something big, something special -- so I said, 'Let's do a flash mob, she's gonna love it,'" Williams said.

Of course, she said yes.

Williams tells us dance is not just a way to represent yourself, but also a way to impact others.

In his words, it's an unspoken language that can bring people together, even in difficult times.

"Sometimes we see so much negativity from the violence to the killings, but tonight to be here to celebrate each other is a magical and beautiful thing," he said.

We're told this show put a focus on all the accomplishments of the black community in Chattanooga and awarding them.

"We have doctors, we have lawyers, we have seamstresses, we have cooks and chefs -- we have everything here to offer," Morse said.

And of course, dancers.

With Williams leading the charge from behind the scenes.

"With the African culture especially, dance is a big form of communication, whether it's showing your love, happiness, joy, sadness -- everything," Williams said.

Williams won 'Best Dance Studio' at the awards show. We're told the event sold out in its first year, and organizers say they plan to do even bigger things in 2021.